Taking the Plunge Goes to New Depths

Couples can now take their nuptials to new depths with 'mermaid wedding packages' - which come complete with 'his and hers' tails.

The unique underwater ceremony lasts just ten minutes while the bride and groom exchange their vows using large waterproof signs in the swimming pool at B Ocean Fort Lauderdale in south Florida.

The bride can choose to wear a full traditional wedding gown or instead opt for a more revealing mermaid bra and tail outfit, The groom can also opt for a mermaid tail or a more traditional tux.

The pair are assisted by their own mermaid officiant who will help guide them through the ceremony in the deep end of the pool which is approximately eight feet deep.

And the couple's guests won't even have to get their feet wet as they can watch the occasion from the hotel's wreck bar, featured in the popular film Analyze This starring Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro, which has underwater views of the swimming pool.

The ceremony is then legally completed on dry land on the beach afterwards.

The entire party can then retire back to the bar for the reception and some well earned drinks and nibbles.

The mermaid underwater ceremony costs $95 per person for a wedding party with a minimum of 30 people.

In the lead up to the big day, the bride and groom are fitted for tails and are given aquatic training from the hotel’s own mermaid.

The hotel is not the first to offer underwater ceremonies - but many tend to take place in the sea complete with oxygen tanks.

To book your underwater Mermaid Wedding, contact the sales and events team at the B Ocean Fort Lauderdale.