SUP With Your Pup

If there are two things we love in Fort Lauderdale, it's spending time in the open waters and tagging along with our four-legged friends. If your dog’s been giving you a dirty look every time you try and sneak out of the house go paddle boarding with your buddies, it might be time to introduce your pup to sup. A good place to start might be Sunrise Paddleboards Doggie Paddle Party.

Hosted every third Sunday at 9:00am, the two hour tour takes you along Fort Lauderdale's winding canal system led by one of Sunrise Paddleboards tour guides.

Priced at $50 per person to rent a board, paddle, a human life vest and dog leash, or $20 per person if you bring your own, the shop also sells doggie life jackets to make it easier to grab and hoist your pup back on the board should they diverge for a swim. The Tour Guide will also take free photos of the experience to keep the memory of your excursion forever.

Sunrise Paddleboards owner, Brian Galton, a proclaimed dog lover, started the monthly dog paddles in memory of one special fur-friend, Snickers, who participated as the eldest dog in their first Dog Paddle Photo Contest.

"There is nothing like getting on the water and paddling your dog thru our Island City Canals," Galton states, "the smells are amazing and there is so much eye candy to please any dog's curiosity."

Through these monthly events, Sunrise Paddleboards encourages dog owner's to spend quality time on a regular basis and journeys different guided routes that your furry friend is certain to provide many kisses for including them.

For more information on Sunrise Paddleboards monthly Doggie Paddle Party, and book your trip, visit