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Sunrise Ocean Healing: A Walking Meditation and Giving Back

The feel of the sand beneath your toes. The sound of the rushing water coming in and out of the tide. Gulls saying “haw haw haw.” When was the last time you heard these wondrous sounds?

A meditation and cleaning our beaches first thing in the morning is an experience like no other. It’s in these early hours, when the world is at its quietest, when it is easiest to receive guidance and connect within before beginning our day & to give back to something that gives so much to us; our oceans.

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time for yourself and to be in loving service to our planet? Do you wish you could find balance?

Wake Up to Nature

Our Sunrise Ocean Healing meditations are designed just for this. Each class will begin with heartfelt intention towards creating a happy and healthy body, mind & beach! As you sink your feet into the ground, you will become deeper and more aligned with that intention. Clarity will begin to encircle you, and trickle down to the earth below you as you learn how to ground yourself and allow nature to heal.

Hearing the waves rush as the wind blows away all that prevents you from moving forward in your life and anchors you into making change our planet needs right now. Saving our oceans from the pollutants created by careless individuals.

Deep Listening

As you connect within, you’ll be able to listen to that inner voice, the one that guides you in all that you do. The more often you practice Sunrise Ocean Healing, the easier it becomes to listen to the inner guidance that leads us to more conscious actions for ourselves and all other living beings on the planet.

This walking meditation is one of the most healing practices you can do. It gives you a chance to create deep inner peace and to extend those good vibes all around you. You become more mindful in life and care deeply about everything. Each piece of trash you pick up off the sand creates an impact towards better choices on recycling, limiting plastics and so on.

Nourish Your Soul

Most of us are taught not to nurture ourselves, and with busy lifestyles we have lost that connection to helping others and being in pure service.
To get on track or help stay on track and feel nourished from life, join us for a Sunrise Ocean Healing Meditation & mini beach sweep. Your body, mind, and beach will love it. It’s a pure soulful practice.

About the Author:

Lisa Pumper is a Yoga Educator, Event Producer & Ocean lover enriching community for over 20 years. She is founder of Fort Lauderdale Beach Yoga & Fitness which offers Eco Yoga classes & healing events in Fort Lauderdale and beyond. Go directly to her page to see more : www.LisaPumper.com