MyFTLB Debuts Weekly Rooftop Rendezvous Broadcast

Join for their weekly ‘Rooftop Rendezvous’ Facebook Live broadcast which airs every Wednesday from 12:45 p.m. – 1 p.m. on

Featuring a bird’s eye view of people strolling along the beach, or enjoying various watersports in the ocean, the live feed aims to provide viewers a brief 15-minute mid-day/mid-week beach escape.

Wednesday, December 21 was the first day of winter, and while standing on the rooftop terrace of a restaurant, the thought ‘what a gorgeous day; we should share this,’ came over,” MyFTLB admins explained. “Without a plan or speaking a word, we went live for 5 minutes. 22,000 views, 444 engagements and 338 shares later, Rooftop Rendezvous was born."

Archived videos are viewable on as well as the channels Youtube page