Five Photography Apps to Up Your Game

Every May since 1987, the United States has celebrated National Photography Month. Throughout the country, photography contests, festivals, exhibits, and other activities mark this month. It also represents a time of reflection on the history of photography and how far it has grown.
These days however with nearly everyone having a camera in their pocket, and the "Instagram aesthetic", post ability is just as important eye-catching photos. And as these new technologies in phone photography have matured, so has the quality and creativity of the people who use it. That’s why photography apps are so handy!
Finding the right tool can really help level-up your photography game and set you apart from your competition. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with a few of our favorite finds for the budding travel photographer!


VSCO is consistently ranked by photographers as one of the best Instagram photo editing apps on the market—mainly because of its high-quality filters. The app is actually so popular that its branded hashtag #vscocam is now one of the most-used hashtags on all of Instagram! VSCO filters are particularly good for outdoor and nature photography, as they have a mix of moody and bright tones that can help balance out scenes to match your overall Instagram aesthetic. This is great if you’re going for a consistent look on your feed. Download for iTunes; Google Play

2. TouchRetouch

The TouchRetouch app offers a quick and easy way to remove unwanted content from your iPhone photos. Within seconds you can erase object you feel are spoiling your composition, allowing you to create cleaner and more striking images. It’s also great for eliminating certain photobombs, like that lone swimmer who floated into your seascape, or that annoying splatter of sauce from your perfect plate of pasta. Download for iTunesGoogle Play

3. Canva

Thanks to its library of customizable templates, Canva has become one of our favorite tools for designing unique and eye-catching Instagram Stories! Whether posting a casual shot or trying to drive traffic to a website, you can use the Instagram Stories templates in Canva to create eye-catching designs using your brand’s colors and fonts. Of course, you can use Canva to enhance regular Instagram posts with the ability to edit photos and easily overlay them with text, graphics, and other design elements—including your brand’s fonts and logo—to create content that truly resonates with followers. Download: Free (webiOSAndroid)

4. Lens Distortions

You know those beautiful travel photos that you always see that make you want to pack up and move there right now? Well now there’s an app to make all of your pictures look just as breathtaking. Lens Distortions is free and allows you to add elements like fog or beams of light to your pictures.There are 4 types of edits you can use with this app; light hits, fog, shimmer and legacy. You can select your edit then adjust it in size, color, opacity and much more with their built in editing options. Download for iTunes; GooglePlay

5. Foodie

Admit it. When you’re travelling, you will have the slightest desire to show off the different kinds of delectable dishes that is spread out in front of you to your family and friends. From renowned cafes to street food, Foodie allows you to take photo-editing of food to a whole new level with 26 filters and other editing features such as adjusting of exposure and contrast. Download: iTunes; Android

With all these travel photography apps you will be able to make some delightful memories!