Travel Inspired Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Planning to surprise your sweetie with plane tickets for a fabulous getaway to Fort Lauderdale Beach as a gift this holiday season? Theme out your stocking stuffers or create a tower of treats to give each of the 8 days of Chanukah before the big ticket (pun intended) reveal, with these unique and fun travel related gifts for your wanderlust loved one.



From beautiful passport covers to innovative maps helping you remember where you’ve already been, Bored Panda’s curated list of over 50 of the best traveler gift ideas for inspiring adventures and helping preserve the memories from them.


What’s the perfect gift for your book-lover, whose idea of the perfect beachside vacation is whiling away hours with a good read under a cabana on the beach?  There’s nothing worse than getting someone a book they already have, so why not play it safe and get them some book-themed accessories? From book-shaped pillows to bedtime story duvet covers, to these clever (and beautiful) vintage book hardback kindle, e-reader and tablet covers – there’s basically no chance that you’re not picking one of these up for yourself.


We’ve come a long way from the Beach Boys’ days, when all you toted was a towel, a bathing suit, sunglasses, tanning oil, a paperback, and a cooler to hit the beach, and thanks to advancements in design and technology, there is a new wave of beach gear that’s more useful and fun than ever. From sand free tote bags to waterproof speakers and even a camcorder dive mask, Travel & Leisure’s Top 10 Best Beach Gadgets and Gear has your techie traveler covered literally from head to toe.


If you are one of the 40% of pet parents who wouldn’t even think of leaving their best buddy at home, you’ll certainly want to put a gift in his/her stocking to let them know they won’t be left behind. Afterall, Fort Lauderdale Beach is one of the most Pet-Friendly destinations and these Travel Gifts for Pets will surely having them looking forward to the words Let’s GO!


If vacation travel to Fort Lauderdale Beach isn’t going to make the gift list cut this year, there are other ways to get some sunshine, blue skies and swaying palm trees into your life. Make someone’s salty daydreams come true with any one of the 23 Perfect Gifts For The Beach Freak In Your Life, or check out Fort Lauderdale Magazine’s Seaside Gift Guide of  truly authentic ‘made in the sunshine’ gifts.