South Florida Teddy Tour

Tour with Teddy

Whoever coined the phrase “It’s a dog’s life” must have been a guest at one of Fort Lauderdale Beach's luxury hotels. Whether you’re bringing the family lab along with your children, or your chihuahua is your child, each of these properties goes way beyond merely allowing pets - they treat them like guests. We’re talking massages, turn-down service with rawhide bones, and aromatherapy, for starters.

And if you're pup needs a peer-review of his or her own, they can take their own Tour With Teddy. Click on the link below each photo to watch his video tours, and make sure to follow Teddy and his Mom, Ana on Instagram at @TourWithTeddy.

So forget boarding. Treat your best friend like, well, your best friend, and hit the road together. From spa retreats to the oh-so chic, It's A Dog's Life on Fort Lauderdale Beach




Teddy at the Farmers Market
View the Video Tour









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