Fort Lauderdale Travel Guide by Expedia

Once a Spring Break hot spot for college students, Fort Lauderdale has gradually evolved into an upscale resort town in Florida that is full of museums, bars, restaurants, and excellent shopping.

We hope you like water, because your Fort Lauderdale tour will feature beaches, ponds, and the canals that link the Everglades to the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll also see some jaw-dropping vehicles, from high-end yachts to powerful sports cars, all of them brought down by “snowbirds”: travelers from northern states staying in Florida to escape harsh winters.

When you aren’t fishing from the piers, swimming at the beaches, or shopping at Las Olas Boulevard, your Fort Lauderdale sightseeing should include a trip to the various historic locations. Why not look at the King-Cromartie House, which is part of the Riverwalk Tour? While there, you’ll get a good idea of what life was like in early 20th-century Fort Lauderdale. Here’s a hint—it wasn’t all shopping.

Head to Sunrise Boulevard (north of Las Olas Boulevard) to continue your Fort Lauderdale sightseeing. Along “The Strip,” you can wander around in your swimsuit and flip-flops, ducking in and out of stores and restaurants and interspersing your activities with trips to the beach to sunbathe. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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