Fan Guide: Where to Catch the Big Game on Fort Lauderdale Beach

Football, the game that gives people from all walks of life a reason to spend their Sundays in bars, cheering, drinking, and often, eating wings, burgers, pizza and other indulgences that pair well with cold beer, 2-4-1 cocktails and a Saturday night hangover.

While the thermometer still screams summer, Football gives up the sense that fall has arrived. We go from tropical prints to wearing the colors of our favorite team, looking for like-minded people from our fan community in which to high-five.

Whatever your tribe, here's a guide to where to watch your favorite team battle it out on the field while you're basking in the sunshine on Fort Lauderdale Beach. And if the game is a yawner, you can always strip down to your bikini or swim trunks briefs and ride the Fort Lauderdale Beach tide.

Did we miss your favorite place to catch the game?
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