VanDutch Unveils the Entire Birkin Collection Pop Up Yacht – For the Yachtswoman who have Everything

VanDutch, makers of the world’s most instantly recognizable pleasure yachts, and Privé Porter, the Instagram-based curators and purveyors of uncarried Birkin bags, jointly announce an exceptionally decadent fashion event during the 56th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – a The World’s First Privé Porter Pop Up Yacht featuring millions of dollars in Hermes Birkin bags.

Says VanDutch CMO Dirk DeSouza, “VanDutch and Privé Porter have created something that’s never been done before – the ultimate luxury package, a shocking fantasy gift for The Yachtswoman Who Thought She Had Everything. A VanDutch 55 filled with $2 million in Birkin bags? It’s so crazy, we will absolutely sell this $4 million package.”

Says Jeff Berk of Privé Porter, “The crown jewel of Birkin bags aboard the VanDutch 55 is the Briny Shiny Porosus 35cm Crocodile with 18K White Gold & Diamond Hardware, offered at $330,000. We’re not only chasing the Christie’s record for an auctioned Birkin that recently sold for $221,846, but confident that because our bag is unused, unlike their bag, we’ll break that record-setting price. Surrounded by the astronomical wealth of the megayacht community during this incredible week, how could we not?”

Pop Up Yacht Hours at VanDutch Center, 2300 Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, are Nov. 4th – 7th from 11am – 6pm. Boarding is by appointment only via Window shopping and photography is open to the public.

The $1.7 million hand-crafted, award-winning VanDutch 55 represents the pinnacle of naval architecture, overall design and style. Designed in Holland and built in America, the VanDutch 55 is ingrained with a bow-to-stern philosophy of sculpture, simplicity, social interaction, spirited nature and sensuality. VanDutch is the yacht of choice for Beyonce, Jay Z, Paris Hilton and Mark Cuban.

Privé Porter, the world’s largest curators and purveyors of unused, uncarried Birkin bags, is an Instagram titan, utilizing the digital platform to annually sell $30,000,000 of rare bags to the global 1%, and as a secret, trusted resource for savvy celebrities.

The Birkin bag is handcrafted by Hermès as a tribute to Jane Birkin, the UK-born, France-based actress and singer best regarded as a style icon. Purchasing the Birkin bag direct from Hermès is a very difficult task, requiring months or years of waiting for fashionistas clamoring for the bag’s simplicity, sculptural qualities, craftsmanship, impeccable materials and understated sensuality. The philosophical parallels between VanDutch, Privé Porter and the Birkin bag are many, and appeal to the very wealthy who demand the very best of everything.

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