How S3 Makes Its Sake Sunset Cocktail

Twenty-five minutes north of the Magic City, North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard (also known as the A1A) bustles within sight of crashing waves and is home to the appositely named S3 restaurant, where sun, sand, and surf meet.

The Pacific-inspired waterfront eatery, perched on the first floor of the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and proffering steak, seafood, and sushi, might be an inevitable draw for tourists soaking in sunny Florida, but its small plates and potent cocktails have had a big impact on bringing locals back to the beach, particularly during the monthly full-moon party where hula girls sway, fire dancers whirl, and chefs place sushi on a woman in a skimpy bathing suit.

S3’s Sake Sunset captures the changing hues of the evening sky over the Atlantic.


“People here are used to either having sake by itself or in a bomb,” says Boulukos. The Sake Sunset gives imbibers a novel way to enjoy the Japanese spirit with a tropical twist and without having to wallop a table. Don’t be deceived by its delicate plum hue and taste, however; there’s plenty of booze in this drink.

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