Five Fort Lauderdale Beach Eats on the Cheap

Whether your always on the hunt for a deal or you’re trying to find an affordable alternative to McDonald’s and ramen, we’ve picked five places to eat for less than ten bucks on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

St. Barts Coffee Co.

Just a block south of A1A and Las Olas Boulevard, this café is loved by locals and tourists looking for an inexpensive but good breakfast on the beach. It’s won New Times’ award for Best Breakfast on the Beach twice. Menu items range from light healthy smoothies ($4 to $5) and fruit bowls ($6) to hearty entrées like omelets ($9 to $10.25) and French toast $6.50. Lunch entrées like salads ($7 to $9.50) and sandwiches ($7.75 to $9.50) are also available.

Beach Pizza

Pizza is always satiating and cheap. Between the carb-filled dough, the sauce — that totally counts toward your fruit and veg quota — and greasy cheese, a slice or two will fill you up and get you on your way. This Las Olas Boulevard pizzeria is right next to all the beach action, open late, and completely budget-friendly. It serves a variety of pizzas, sandwiches made with Boar’s Head meats, salads, burgers, hot dogs, and — randomly — burritos.

Taco Beach

Trying to save cash on food doesn’t mean you have to throw away the diet — unless, you want to, obviously. Just a block off of the beach on Las Olas Boulevard, this DIY taco/burrito shop offers a selection of burritos, tacos, and salads with rice or lettuce for $7.99 apiece. Guests can chose among chicken, pork, beef, veggie, Mahi (extra two bucks) and more as well as an array of toppings.

Primanti Brothers Pizza

Open 24 hours a day and offering everything from breakfast to pizza to burgers to sandwiches stuffed with French fries, this oceanfront storefront is as cheap as it is greasy — and we mean that in the most complimentary way. Whole pizzas cost $11.49 to $18.49 — FYI: They are intended for sharing — five wings are just $4.99, oven-baked hoagies go for $6.99, and a big bowl of mussels and marinara costs $5.79. There’s a reason this Steeltown-based chain has been winning the hearts and minds of South Floridians for years — it’s cheap and it’ll fill you up all hours of the day and night.

Plan B Burrito

Burritos have long been the food of choice for college students looking to stuff their gut before passing out for the night. Fortunately, times have changed, as has the health factor in America’s favorite pseudo Mexican treat. This beachfront spot offers build-your-own burrito, burrito bowl (no tortilla, and salad options with a range of healthy and some not-so-healthy selections starting at $5.99. However, if staying lean isn’t your thing, Plan B complements offer chicken wings ($8.79), nachos ($4.29), and some other greasy items.

Originally published in New Times
Written by Sara Ventiera