Creative Ways to Keep Kids Occupied at a Restaurant

Restaurants and kids don’t always mix, but with these awesome ways to keep preschoolers occupied you’ll be wanting to eat out regularly! Dining out can be so nice (No cooking! No dishes!) but with a preschooler in tow it can also be difficult (Sit still! Don’t Spill!). Here on Kids Activities Blog we’ve gathered over twenty creative activities and toys that you can make yourself! These are the key to keeping kids happy and occupied while eating out. Oh, and these are really great for any type of waiting! Bring them to appointments or use them for quite time too!

Creative Ways to Keep Kids Occupied at a Restaurant

  1. Busy bags are perfect for keeping kids occupied at a restaurant.  Check out the great ideas, including these velcro popsicle sticks at Teaching Mama.
  2. These tie-died color wands are perfect for table side creativity.
  3. With this cool crayon wrap tucked in your purse you’re always ready fro coloring on the go!  Get the full tutorial at small + friendly.
  4. Make these awesome little robots by Curly Birds, perfect of imaginative play at the table.
  5. Free printable lacing cards like these adorable ones from small + friendly or these cool constellation sewing cards by Molly Moo are perfectly portable fun!
  6. This portable felt activity binder is sure to keep kids quietly happy through the whole dining experience.
  7. Free printable dress up dolls are so cool and fun!  And these free printable paper dolls by imagine gnats are extra fun because you can color them!
  8. Got a car lover?  Check out this awesome DIY car mat backpack on I Can Teach My Child by A Happy Wanderer!
  9. This Slippery Fish busy bag is cute and easy idea by Playdough to Plato.
  10. This simple and fun drawing game by Mama Smiles is a great way to wait for the food to come.
  11. Hand on as We Grow also has a bunch of great ideas for keeping kids busy that require no prep!
  12. Bring your own napkin, a storytelling napkin that is!  Check out this great idea from Salsa Pie.
  13. Free printable restaurant games from Homegrown Friends are great!
  14. DIY story starters and I Spy board are great ideas from A Mom With A Lesson Plan.
  15. This Slippery Fish busy bag is cute and easy idea by Playdough to Plato.
  16. Little acorn owls are perfect portable toys from Curly Birds.
  17. Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve got tons of awesome free printable coloring and activity pages.
  18. If all else fails, there’s always mom’s secret weapon – the smart phone.  Check out these best apps for kids.

Happy Dining!
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