All American Breakfast Month

September is All-American Breakfast Month

Vacations tend to cause a momentary bout of amnesia in most us. Gym routines and careful meal planning take a backseat to continental breakfast buffets and over-flowing ice cream sundaes. While a vacation is a chance to get away and unwind, it doesn’t excuse pulling away from healthy habits, establishing bad ones or skipping the most important meal of the day – Breakfast.

When you wake up in the morning, your body is in need of essential fuel to get going – especially if your vacation includes taking advantage of all the things to do on your Fort Lauderdale Beach vacation.

Why all this talk about breakfast?
Well, September is All-American Breakfast Month, a month-long event encouraging individuals to avoid skipping this crucial meal and enjoy a healthy breakfast. Need more convincing? We’ve rounded up 6 reasons why you should avoid skipping breakfast.

Breakfast improves your metabolism
Your blood sugar level drops down in the morning. You need food that can provide you energy to get through the morning. Body needs fuel to keep it runningand the night is the longest gap in the refuelling process. To make sure your metabolism keeps on going you need to have something within 2 hours of waking up.

Breakfast keeps you on track if you’re looking to lose weight
Researchers have found that those who eat breakfast tend to maintain and lose weight. Though people skip breakfast in the hope of losing weight they tend to eat more during lunch or even choose unhealthier options later on which results into weight gain.

Breakfast helps to maintain insulin response
Skipping meals leads to a hyper insulin response when calories are consumed later on. That means the level of insulin in blood is more than the glucose level which can lead tometabolic disorder. This in turn results in to fat accumulation.

Breakfast burns those calories early
If you have breakfast you can burn those calories early! How is that? Well, instead of going hungry till lunch and then hogging on something loaded with calories with fewer hours left in the day to burn it consider refuelling yourself early and getting enough time to burn those calories.

Breakfast aids in setting a good example
If you have kids, you always want to set a good example for them. By having breakfast on time you will show the quality of leadership by example.

Breakfast gets you your essential nutrients first thing in the morning
There are food which we have only as a part of our breakfast like cereals, fruits and milk. If you bypass your breakfast you might never get those nutrients.

Has all this talk about breakfast made you hungry?
Check out our Food & Drink section for our local beach restaurants serving breakfast, or ask your hotel concierge to make some local favorite recommendations. Whatever you do – don’t miss out on this most important meal – especially when it is served up beachside with a beautiful ocean view.