Hello, Moon

Regardless of the month or time of year, the full moon represents a fresh start.
During this lunar phase, one's encouraged to reflect, recharge, and reassess where you are in life.

The full moon of January, known as the Wolf Moon, the Hunger Moon, and the Cold Moon, is a particularly advantageous opportunity to reset. This isn't just a chance to prepare for a new month — this is your chance to reflect upon the new year.

While nature-based faiths believe that January's overall vibe — cold, dark, unforgiving — might not seem like a particularly festive time, if you live in South Florida, or vacationing on Fort Lauderdale Beach it is anything but.

Cresting on Thursday, January 12, at 6:34 a.m. EST, and visible throughout the weekend, here are just some of the ways you can bask in January's Wolf Moon glow and enjoy the scenery and season.

Thursday, January 11
Full Moon Kayak Tour
Escape the hustle-and-bustle of the city and join us at BG Coco Cafe Outdoor Center for a memorable experience under the light of the full moon. Everyone is welcome to come along, as our Full Moon Kayak tours are the locals favorite. Venture together, glow sticks in hand, through a peaceful mangrove trail and into the calm waters on the largest of the park's coastal dune lakes. View Details

Friday, January 12
Full Moon Dinner Party at Beauty & The Feast

Legend has it, crazy things happen during a full moon. Want to find out? Partake in the excitement by joining Beauty & the Feast Bar|Kitchen at The Atlantic Hotel & Spa for our FULL MOON DINNER & PARTY. Guests will feast on a three-course meal from Beauty & the Feast Bar|Kitchen on the 5th Floor Oceanfront Terrace before celebrating the night away at the Full Moon Party. Relish the moment as you bask in the moonlight overlooking the ocean. View Details 

Sunday, January 14
Wolf Moon Rising at S3
Enjoy our Full Moon Rising party with live entertainment and the best seat on the beach at S3 Restaurant. View Details

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