79 Travel Photography Tips

With the travel season upon us, there’s no time like the present to hone your photographic skills to enable you to capture glorious travel photography fit for a gallery wall – or at least pride-of-place in your living room!

But the variation of subject matter and lighting conditions you’ll be greeted with while on vacation can be daunting to capture successfully, especially if you’re juggling quality time with your family against quality time with your digital camera!

Digital World Magazine has put together no less than 79 tried-and-tested travel photography tips to guide you through the best ways 
to tackle photography while on the road – all from personal experience!

They start with crucial travel photography tips for planning and preparing for your trip. Then there are essential camera skills, from aperture choice to metering; clever photographic techniques, from composition (read our 10 rules of photo composition – and why they work) to using filters, as well as creative techniques to master, from stunning silhouettes at sunset to picturesque panoramics.

Plus there are tons of quick photography tips to help you while on vacation, including what lenses to consider, how to shoot better candid portraits and what to photograph when it’s raining.

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