2020 A Look Back at a year we will never forget

While there a lot of things we would like to forget about 2020, the year did not go without several occasions which brought a smile to our face, warmed out heart, or gave us reason to celebrate and reflect on the people, places and community we truly love.

Click the images below to open up photo galleries and videos which tell the story of our year.

FNSW january
JAN 24, 2020
We danced into a new home and kicked off the 5th season of Friday Night Sound Waves at The LOOP
farmer market
JAN 25, 2020
We gained a new weekly Saturday Farmers & Artisan Market at Las Olas Oceanside Park
JAN 31, 2020
We celebrated the National High School Championship Team, St Thomas Aquinas
FEB 1, 2020
We brought Super Bowl LIV to our shores during Fort Lauderdale's Raised in the 954 weekend
FEB 14, 2020
We witnesses 30 couples renew their vows at our first Valentine's Vow Renewal Ceremony
FEB 19, 2020
We saw Food, Wine and Celebrity combine during the CRAVE GFL series in partnership with SOBWFF
MAR 18, 2020
We understood what "We are in this together" means and rallied to support one another and businesses on the beach
MAR 27, 2020
We took Friday Night Sound Waves to the Air Waves with the Find Your Beach Virtual Concert Series
MAY 22, 2020
We rejoiced when we were able to start welcoming guests back and our businesses back home
JULY 29, 2020
We realized how lucky we were when Hurricane Isaias brushed by in late July (and also how to say, Isaias)
AUG 4, 2020
We, as a business community 100+ strong, made the pledge to keep our community Safe & Clean
SEPT 29, 2020
We met Teddy, who took us on a weekly tour of Fort Lauderdale's Pet Friendly places to sit, stay and play!
OCT 29, 2020
We gained a sense of hope for the return of live events, when FLIBS2020 sailed back to Fort Lauderdale
NOV 14, 2020
We recognized a world famous place, and two special men, at the Parrot Lounge's 50th Anniversary
NOV 14, 2020
We saw the return of our Farmers Market, which gave us a lot to be thankful as Thanksgiving approached
NOV 21, 2020
We looked to the skies and on our tablet screens as the Air Show returned Live and also by Live Stream
DEC 11, 2020
We gained a Menorah to compliment our Christmas Tree, which lit up brightly on Hanukkah Eve.
DEC 19, 2020
We met Santa .. thanks to our friends at Winterfest and Visit Lauderdale who let him know we were nice.