10 Tips for Prolonging Your Tan

Just because your spring vacation is over doesn’t mean your tan has to go!
Here’s how to keep your glow going, inside and out.

1. Cool showers. Hot baths can dehydrate your skin, leading to faster peeling. Stick to cool showers and use a moisturising shower oil to really lock-down your color.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! There’s no better way to hang on to sun kissed skin than by slathering on the lotion. Post-vacation you should upgrade to a body butter and lotion-up every day.

3. Exfoliate. It can feel like the last thing on your mind but it’s important to give your body a weekly exfoliation to help remove dull, parched surface cells and prepare the skin for the self-tanning to come.

4. Facial self-tan. Your face is the first thing people notice about you and a sun-kissed complexion makes you look fresh-from-the-plane pretty. In our experience, many gradual tans for face are so subtle we hardly notice them. Use a regular facial self-tan whenever you need a real boost.

5. Bronzer. Use a matte bronzer to help recreate that ‘perched at the beach-bar all-day’ look. The trick is to swirl it where the sun naturally hits – the forehead, temples, nose and cheekbones – rather than all-over.

6. Baby Oil Spray. A trick many fashion fashion photographers use on beauty  shoots to make glistening limbs look leaner and sexier is a spritz of Johnsons Baby Light Oil Spray over arms and legs to help your tan come back to life.

7. Eat beta-carotenes. Various studies have shown that a diet rich in beta-carotenes (a type of red-orange pigment) can recreate the glow of sun-kissed skin from within. Amaze! The best natural sources are sweet potatoes, apricots, mangoes and especially carrots. So be sure to pack your meals with these sunshine-coloured fruits and veg.

8. Drink water. Don’t slack-off drinking water just because you’re not in 80 degree heat. Keeping hydrated can help prolong the life of all cells (including those nicely tanned cells at the surface) and also plump and smooth the skin.

9. Wear white. Finally, it’s a tried-and-tested trick for giving the illusion of darker skin: simply wear a white or lighter shade next to your face. A crisp white shirt, bronzer and pink lipgloss is one of the best mood-boosting combos we know!

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