Happy Hour of the Week: Terra Mare at Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach

If you were to invite your friends out for dinner at 5:30, you would probibly get a few sideways stares, but change the invitation from Dinner to 'Happy Hour', and all of a sudden you've become the coolest kid on the block.

Whatever you want to call it, Happy Hour at Terra Mare is more than a place to fall in for a quick drink and light bite as a pre-game to dinner. The extensive Happy Hour menu and drink selections when paired properly, rival most chef tasting menus, at about half the price.

Happy Hour at Terra Mare
4pm - 7pm Daily, at The Bar.


HALF DOZEN OYSTERS | 9 | mignonette & wasabi cocktail
ROCK SHRIMP TEMPURA  | 9 | sesame seed & dynamite aioli
BAO BUN | 5 | pork belly, kimchee
SMOKED TROUT | 12 | heirloom tomato, snap pea, horseradish cream
CRISPY CALAMARI | 8 | sweet chili sauce, spicy aioli
BLISTERED SHISHITO PEPPERS | 5 | bonito, black truffle ponzu
CEVICHE | 8 | snapper, leche de tigre, crispy yucca
FISH SANDWICH | 14 | snapper, mango salsa, avocado
ALL-NATURAL BEEF BURGER  | 12 | cave aged cheddar, black truffle aioli, parmesan fries
CUBAN | 12 | roast pork, spicy pickle, dijon, swiss
BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS | 7 | choice of: mild, medium, hot
BABY KALE SALAD | 10 | hazelnut, raisin, gouda, white balsamic


labatt blue
stella artois
prosecco, loredan gasparini
pinot grigio, ronco blanchis
rose, fleur de mere
malbec, amancaya