Happy Dog Mom’s Day

You don’t have to give birth to be a mom. Some people adopt. Others foster. And then there are those special ladies who devote all their motherly love to their canine fur kids. They are finally getting the recognition they deserve with the introduction of National Dog Mom’s Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2021 marks the annual celebration of this new holiday. It is set to fall on the day before Mother’s Day which is usually the second Sunday in May.

The day was created by Dig, a dating app designed to match up dog-loving singles. According to the Dig website, the holiday was founded “to thank dog moms, foster dog moms, and future dog moms for all of the love they give to pups.”

Based on the stats, pup moms certainly deserve the recognition. A survey conducted by rover.com polled 1,000 female adult dog owners. Among the findings:

  • 3 out of 4 female pet parents consider themselves “dog moms.”
  • 45% of dog moms have referred to their dog as a “fur baby” or “fur kid,” and 40% just call the dog their “baby.”
  • 40% of female dog owners say they own dog-mom apparel, and 17% say they don’t own any, but want some.
  • Nearly half of the female dog owners celebrate their dog’s birthday (or other milestones), bring their dog with them on errands and shared an announcement on social media when they got their dog.
  • 40% have stayed up at night to comfort a crying puppy.
  • 24% have missed work to be home with a sick dog.
  • 50% of dog moms gush about their dog when meeting other people.
  • 62% said they take dozens of photos of their dog.

Searching for the perfect gift for the special dog mom in your life? Look no further! Rover.com has put together a list of 25 top picks for the special dog mom in your life.  And if you are looking to treat your dog to a little mommy and me time, Fort Lauderdale Beach is dog moms paradise.

Whoever coined the phrase “It’s a dog’s life” must have been a guest at one of Fort Lauderdale Beach's luxury hotels. Whether you’re bringing the family lab along with your children, or your chihuahua is your child, each of these properties goes way beyond merely allowing pets. They treat them like guests in their own right. We’re talking massages, turn-down service with rawhide bones, and aromatherapy, for starters. So forget boarding. Treat your best friend like, well, your best friend, and hit the road together. From spa retreats to the oh-so chic, here are the top dog-friendly hotels (and attractions and events) on Fort Lauderdale Beach.



Pet-Friendly Restaurants
Most restaurants along A1A permit dogs on their outdoor patio.
Visit our Pet Friendly Restaurant Directory

Canine Beach
Enjoy a dog-day afternoon in the sun at Canine Beach, located at Sunrise Boulevard and A1A on a 100-yard section of the beach heading north. Canine Beach is open year-round on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. The hours in the winter season are from 3 pm – 7 pm and in the summer from 5 pm – 9 pm (Daylight Savings Time). Dogs shall be on a leash at all times. Call 954-828-PARK or visit the City of Fort Lauderdale website for more information.

Monthly Events
On the last Friday of every month (Check Schedule), bring your dog to the beach in Fort Lauderdale north of Sunrise Blvd followed by Doggie Happy Hour at The World Famous Parrot Lounge ! Socialize with other dog lovers in the Fort Lauderdale Area ! Plenty of Food and Drink Specials at The Parrot. Provisions for all the dogs as well ! Raffles, Door Prizes, and other Fun ! Free Admission ! Dog Rescue Groups and Dog Adoption Services will be on hand. Dogs on the beach are required to have permits. Visit Dogs, Beaches and Brews Facebook Page for complete details.

Dog Walking on A1A
Days: 365 days a year; Hours: 6 am to 9 am
Rules: Dogs shall be on a leash at all times.
A person walking with a dog must be in possession of a device to properly dispose of any fecal matter.
Dogs shall not create a nuisance by causing any form of disturbance such as excessive barking or similar undesirable conduct.

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