FULL “BEAVER” Moon Paddle Party (Kayak & SUP)

Awesome fun Full Moon Paddle and Party with Music, Kayaks, and Stand Up Paddle Boards Glowing In the Night under moonlit canals. This is our 8h Year and better then ever. Glow In The Dark Night Paddling Featuring LED Paddle Boards and Kayaks. Includes All Equipment, Glow Necklace, Navigation Lights, and Party Refreshments.

HURRY UP and SAVE / PLEASE DO NOT WAIT / EARLY BIRD PRICES:$64 Paddle Board with LED Lights, $39 Paddle Board, $39 Single Kayak, $64 Tandem (2 Person Kayaks)$20 with your own vessel. FREE if you Purchased your Paddle Board or Kayak at Sunrise Paddleboards. All Rentals include the Board or Kayak, Life Jackets, Leash, Navigation Lights, Glow Necklaces, and of course Pictures are always Complimentary. Plus Surprise Party Refreshments and Music. Please Call (954) 440-4562 to reserve your spot

Don't just RSVP, as we need a proper head count to ensure availability for everyone. Full Moon Paddles often SELL OUT! Therefore NO LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS. Credits will be for a 2 Hour Rental. We hope to see you all there!Email Sales@SUPSmart.com For More Details (954) 440-4562 www.SunrisePaddleboards.com