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Where to Watch the World Cup

With the World Cup taking over the international sports world this month, we give you a quick primer and the best places to catch the games.

Whatever your favorite team, here’s a guide to where to watch your favorite nation battle it out in Brazil while you’re basking in...

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Posh Fort Lauderdale Beach Still Parties

You would think the sheer beauty of Fort Lauderdale's sunny coast, with its palm trees and hibiscus flowers, sparkling waters and magnificent 40-kilometre stretch of Atlantic beach, would be enough. Not even close. Greater Fort Lauderdale, incorporating 31 communities from Hallandale Beach in the south to Deerfield Beach in the north, pops with more than 500 hotels, 4,000 restaurants,...
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Lauderdale Live Bring Music to Our Shores

For those who have fun times, sunny skies and great tunes on their gift list this holiday season, you're in luck as Be Live Events presents, Lauderdale Live - the two-night downtown concert series set to hit Fort Lauderdale's shores in December. Scheduled for Sat., Dec. 7 and Sun., Dec. 8, at Fort Lauderdale's beautiful waterfront Huizenga...
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Fan Guide: Where to Watch Football on Fort Lauderdale Beach

Football, the game that gives people from all walks of life a reason to spend their Sundays in bars, cheering, drinking, and often, eating wings, burgers, pizza and other indulgences that pair well with cold beer, 2-4-1 cocktails and a Saturday night hangover. While the thermometer still screams summer, Football gives up the sense that fall...
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