There's news this week in Greater Fort Lauderdale. Meaning, at least two different types of news. For one, there is the inaugural edition of the Lauderdale Live three-day music fest. For another, there is Huey Lewis and the News. And they come together this weekend in downtown Fort Lauderdale. From December 6-8, Huizenga Park will be rocking with performers that include Lyle Lovett, Indigo Girls, Robert Randolph & the Family Band. Among many others. And yeah, those others do include Huey Lewis and the News. For more information about Lauderdale Live, head on over to this link: If you're into music, this should be a very fun event for sure. For my money, the presence of Huey Lewis and his guys seems likely to up that fun-quotient by a bunch.

If you were conscious during the 1980s, you know what I'm talking about. There weren't many acts bigger in that decade than Huey Lewis and the News. Remember the original Back to the Future flick with Michael J. Fox? It featured two hits by Huey Lewis.

Those songs included the #1 single, The Power of Love. It's a catchy piece, a pop tune I can easily bring to mind any time because it's so memorable. Huey Lewis and the News had three other number one hits on the Billboard charts, including Stuck With You. Like I said, if you were around and old enough in the 80s then you know their songs. How about The Heart of Rock and Roll? Or Hip To Be Square? Or I Want a New Drug? Look at the list of top ten singles for Huey Lewis and the News and you'll find 13 titles, mostly from 1982 to 1987. But there's also the 1994 chart topper called It's Alright. This year, Huey Lewis and the News dropped a digitally remastered 30thanniversary version of their huge album, Sports. The album included some of those popular singles and sold more than 10 million copies all over the world. Yes, the album was a Billboard number one. When this band was at its peak, I was working as a radio journalist at a big AM/FM combo station in Burlington, Vermont. I have fond memories of hearing Huey Lewis songs blaring as I raced around the studio preparing newscasts. Huey Lewis and the News really is one of those groups that became part of an era. Luckily for those going to Lauderdale Live this weekend, they're still together - and still rocking it. And they're the closing act on Saturday night in Fort Lauderdale. If you'd like to learn more about Huey Lewis and the News, you can check out their website at The best way to learn about this band, of course, is to go listen to them live. You may or may not be old enough to recall their songs. But you're definitely just the right age to enjoy them.

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