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10 Sun Safety Tips For Families

Summer is officially starting soon, and with it, family vacations and trips to the beach. While our thoughts drift to relaxing at the pool, boating on the ocean and spending dusk 'til dawn on the beach, enjoying the warm rays of sunshine without proper protection can cause sun damage, sunburn pain or worse, lead to skin cancer. With...
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If you go down to the beach today you’re sure to find a surprise. Well, Thursday evenings to be exact. The current vogue for combining a good run with a glass of beer and convivial banter with sweaty friends afterwards is gathering momentum in South Florida. So called beer runs are popping up everywhere…but, for...
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Free meditation class on Monday

Pam Butler wants to help others find inner peace. The Fort Lauderdale resident found healing through meditation after months of suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder from a near death childbirth and the death of her father five days later. Now, the Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor wants to help others at the free "Mindful Monday Sundown Meditation" at Hilton Fort Lauderdale...
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