My name is Julianne, but, that doesn’t really convey my personality to the fullest, so for now Jules will suffice. I am working in Sixt’s Marketing department but you can also find me working in our rental car branch which is connected to our Head Quarters! This is where I get to explore my love for interacting with people and helping people find their way around Ft. Lauderdale Beach. I have a sincere passion for trying new restaurants and exploring different parts of South Florida.

When I am scheduled to work at the Sixt Ft.Lauderdale downtown location I love to prepare myself for potential interactions with customers coming in to rent a car. What do I mean by this? Well, I get to know the customer. I look to see where they are from originally, I like to be aware of their birthday, if they have special requests, which category of car was booked, or if they’re from a city which I am familiar with. This helps me establish a good rapport with our customers so they trust me when I recommend activities for them to do.

I am a planner at heart, to the point where some people tell me it’s a fault– so naturally I love recommending restaurants to dine at, neighboring cities to visit, shopping malls, pet friendly areas, and really anything to our Sixt customers. Coffee? Not a problem, there’s a Starbuck’s right around the corner. Shopping? The Galleria Mall of Fort Lauderdale is a quick two-mile drive away. Miami? Great, 595 is just down the road; just make sure to exit to 95 going Southbound. Hungry? Okay, this is where I really get into it. A lot of our Sixt customers are looking for somewhere to eat which has good Florida seafood, a comfortable setting, and is, of course, near our beaches.

Coconuts, located on Ft.Lauderdale’s Intercoastal (and steps from the beach!), is my all-time favorite recommendation. There’s something about its laid-back, local vibe that makes anybody feel welcome in sunny Fort Lauderdale. Beautiful yachts float by on one side of the restaurant and on the other side is our beautiful beach. The fish tacos are superior to any I have ever had, and if you’re a dessert enthusiast like myself, you must try the chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich montrosity. There is always a fresh fish of the day, and sometimes Coconuts will really spoil you with beautiful seasonal Stone Crab Claws. Really, it’s something special to write home about. Or at least write a blog about icon smile The Flavor of the Week

After living in Fort Lauderdale for almost a year I can say Coconuts will leave you feeling great for the rest of your vacation. Look for more postings on our blog about Sixt’s Picks for South Florida.

I look forward to any comments or questions, and thanks for checking us out!

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