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Terms of Service Food & Beverage on the Beach
MyFtLB.com is a third-party marketplace managed by the City of Fort Lauderdalefor customers (“Customers”) to view information so they may place orders for food and non-alcoholic beverages for delivery to Fort Lauderdale Beach, by participating restaurants (the “Restaurants”) and Hotel Outlets (“Hotels”), and other Food & Beverage Service providers.

Neither the BID, MyFTLB.com, MyFortLauderdaleBeach.com nor the City of Fort Lauderdale, is a merchant of food or beverages, or any pickup or delivery services in connection therewith, and does not sell or control the Restaurants or Hotel's production of any food or beverages, or any delivery services therewith, produced at or provided by the Restaurants.

The Restaurants, Hotels and Food & Beverage Providers have entered into agreements with the City of Fort Lauderdale and MyFTLB.com to comply with federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, and standards pertaining to food preparation, sale, marketing and safety. The BID, City of Fort Lauderdale MyFTLB.com, including the website MyFortLauderdaleBeach.com, does not in any way independently verify the credentials or representations of any of the Restaurants, the ingredients or the quality of any their products or services, or any Restaurant’s or Hotel's  compliance with applicable laws.

Customers using the Food & Beverage on the Beach Service must make themselves comfortable through the information provided by the Restaurants on the Website, by contacting the Restaurants directly, or through such other means or methods, as they may deem appropriate, as to the quality and reliability and quality of the Restaurants and the Restaurants’ compliance with applicable laws.

The BID and City of Fort Lauderdale, including the website MyFortLauderdaleBeach.com , does not in any way guarantee the quality of any Restaurant, Hotel or any Food and Beverage provider, or any delivery service in connection therewith, or any compliance thereof with applicable laws. In addition, a Restaurant or Hotel may represent certain standards with respect to their food preparation (or other services) such as “organic,” “kosher,” “macrobiotic” or allergen-specific standards such as “nut-free,” “gluten-free,” or “lactose-free”; the BBID, City of Fort Lauderdale and MyFTLB.com does not investigate or verify any such representations. The BBID, City of Fort Lauderdale, and MyFTLB.com shall not be liable or responsible for any food or beverages, or any other services, offered by the Restaurant or Hotel or any errors or misrepresentations made by them (including on the Website and through the Food & Beverage on the Beach Services).

The BID, City of Fort Lauderdale and MyFTLB.com do take customer satisfaction very seriously and, in addition to contacting the applicable Restaurant directly, we ask that you notify us through MyFTLB.com of all complaints or concerns that you might have regarding the Restaurants, Hotels and Food & Beverage Providers.

Collecting Personal Information

If you elect to fill out the forms on our web site, you will be disclosing to MyFortLauderdaleBeach.com certain personal and/or proprietary information, including name, address, phone number and email address. Please see our Privacy Policy for further clarification.

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